Forensic psychology involves the application of psychological principles to legal issues. A forensic psychological evaluation is a psychological evaluation that is conducted to address a specific legal issue. We are staffed with licensed psychologists who have specific training and experience in providing forensic psychological evaluations to address a wide array of legal issues.

State licensing boards for health care professionals, such as the Board of Nursing for the State of Texas, may in some cases refer individuals for a forensic psychological evaluation prior granting licensure. In addition, state licensing boards for health care professionals may in some cases request fitness for duty evaluations for licensees.

Police departments, fire departments, and other public safety agencies routinely request our forensic psychological evaluations to assess individuals applying for employment. Our psychologists are available to perform fitness for duty evaluations of individuals who are already employed or licensed. Fitness for duty evaluations may be requested for employees of police departments, fire departments, and other public safety agencies.

Consistent with the standard in the field, a forensic psychological evaluation typically consists of a review of available records, clinical interview (including behavioral observation and a mental status exam), and psychological testing. The results of the evaluation are typically communicated to the appropriate parties in the form of a written report. If requested and appropriate, evaluation results may also be communicated through court testimony.

In criminal court, psychologists perform forensic psychological evaluations to assess competency to stand trial, insanity, and risk of future criminal offending.f instances in which a forensic psychological evaluation performed by the staff might be requested include personal injury and testamentary.