In today’s complex world, Behavioral Measures offers a complete range of services designed specifically to assist municipal administrators in decision making regarding law enforcement operations, personnel needs and performance, service delivery, effectiveness and efficiencies.

As recognized industry leading professionals, BM&FS confidentially provides administrators with the needed information and the positive solutions concerning personnel performance at all levels of the organization, improved operational efficiencies and increased productivity. In addition to this comprehensive approach to management’s needs, our solutions can ensure increased morale, improved management practices, prevent liability exposure and improve your community’s confidence in police operations.

Our unique audit approach offers analysis of:

  • Administrative and management practices
  • Examination of policy and procedure
  • Staffing studies
  • Internal affairs
  • Property and evidence compliance
  • Personnel screening, hiring and retention
  • Detention operations
  • Crime analysis
  • Investigative techniques
  • Mission development
  • Performance evaluations
  • Strategic deployment
  • Statutorily compliant