Behavioral Measures & Forensic Services Southwest’s mission is to apply the latest developments, procedures, and technology along with experience and proven successes to every client’s interests or needs. Our directors, Eric Holden and Bill Parker, bring a combined 80 years experience in behavioral and forensic assessments to direct the staff of professionals in all areas of service the Company provides. Employing Behavioral Measures & Forensic Service Southwest insures that every measure will be taken to accomplish successful outcomes with confidentiality.

Our personnel have successfully worked for many years with a variety of government and private sector individuals and organizations including many law enforcement and fire agencies, city governments, county and district attorney offices, and private sector business and industry. The Company strives to bring its clients the latest in state-of-the-art forensic tools and services.

Eric Holden directs a staff of behavioral assessment professionals in specialities that include polygraph testing, psychological assessment and evaluation, and employee screening and problem solving for private sector employers. He brings to these functions a history with the Texas Department of Corrections, the Texas Rehabilitation Commission, and active involvement throughout the polygraph community including serving two years as President of the American Polygraph Association. Personnel working in the behavioral services division are well trained professionals who continuously strive to develop the Company’s and their individual professional reputations.

Bill Parker directs an investigative and forensics program that over the years has developed a specialty of working with City governments and agencies to identify and resolve internal problems. His national reputation developed initially while directing numerous major crime & homicide investigations during a 20 year distinguished career with the Dallas Police Department. Since his retirement from that Agency, he has extended his considerable reputation and knowledge as an investigator, skilled interviewer, and renowned interrogator, and now trains and directs a staff of professionals to bring timely and effective resolution to a variety of investigative issues.

Background checks for Employment screenings

You can help protect your company from negligent hiring lawsuits. We provide thorough, in-depth background checks can assist you in hiring the best candidate possible. Degree verification, work history, drug screening, criminal conviction records and credit reports are just a few areas we can assist your company in to help you make an informed decision.

Government Compliance Audits

Government compliance audits confirm for local officials that resources are allocated according to State law and adherence by personnel to State laws and local codes. To preserve the trust of the community, the audit should be comprehensive, objective and independent from the organization.

Our company is experienced in this arena and works with local City Attorneys to investigate alleged issues, citizen and personnel complaints against government officials and compliance of individual departments with State and local government laws and codes. References can be provided upon request.

  • Asset Recovery
  • Applicant Screening
  • Criminal History
  • Litigation Support
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Divorce, Infidelity, Abuse
  • Harassment & Threats
  • Locating Witnesses
  • Drug Screening Available